Sunday, January 1, 2012

Abhi... Mujh Mein Kahin... Baaki Thodi Si Hai Zindagi...

You are my Sunshine ~ pure and sublime
With your beaming smile, you brighten up my day every time...
You are my Wingless Angel, sent from Above,
to wrap me in this cold, with the warmth of your Love.
With a scarred heart, I stirred in darkness,
stumbling and tripping... Lost, confused and alone
Until you came into my life, like my Light Beacon...
Pulling me out from the dark sea of despair,
soothing my aching heart and giving me hope,
when with all the gloom, I could no longer cope...

Like a soft-breathing flute, Like a mellifluous melody,
your voice flows like a caressing breeze,
Into my life, you have poured fragrance with such utter ease...
You are like Symphony, You are like Poetry,
you alone make my heart feel alive,
As you speak with your doe eyes, into them, I wish to dive...

Life has once again become beautiful and anew,
Forever and after, every time I want to fall in love with you...
You have made my life come to life, You have made it worth-living,
You are my Destiny, You make my heart sing,
Of my life, you are the zing,
You are the reason my heart beats,
You are the one with whom my life completes...
Let's build memories... :))

Dhoop mein jalte hue tann ko...
Chhaayaa ped ki mil gayi,
Roothe bacche ki hansi jaise
Phuslaane se phir khil gayi
Kuch aisa hi ab mehsoos dil ko ho raahaa hai
Barson ke puraane zakhmon pe marham lagaa saa hai
Kuch ehsaan hai, Iss lamhe mein hai
Ye lamha kahaan tha meraa
Ab hai saamne, isse chhoo loon zaraa
Marr jaaun yaa jee loon zaraa
Khushiyaan choom loon,
Yaa ro loon zaraa
Marr jaaun yaa jee loon zaraa...

Abhi mujh mein kahin,
Baaki thodi si hai zindagi
Jagi dhadkan nayi,
Jaanaa zinda hoon main to abhi...

"I have fallen in love... What should I do?
It hurts so much... But I want to keep on hurting...
This pain is sweet..." 
~ Lovers' Concerto (Korean Movie)


  1. A super WOWWWW, bhai (:-)
    Waise saal ke pehle din se hi romance! Ahem.. ahem (;-P

  2. And this song that yu have put up here in the background, kaun se movie se hai?? Sonu Nigam ne gaya hai na?

  3. Hahaha :P
    New year wali raat, dil ke jazbaat words mein behke yahaan aagaye ;) :P
    Unbridled emotions :D

  4. Waise iss gaane ko to daad deni padegi hi... & especially jab apne emotions ke saath iss gaane ko suntaa hoon, to mere rongthe khade hojaate hain. Awesomely surreal :))
    This song is from the movie "Agneepath" Hrithik ka ek naya movie aaraha hai old remake, uska hai yeh song. Actually yeh song meri ek choti behen ne bheja tha mujhe kuch din pehle and right from the very moment as I listened to this song, I fell in love with it, instantly!
    I really really lovvvvvvvvvvve this song sooooooo sooooooooooo much. Main toh paagalon ki tarha iss song ko continuously sunta raha, infact pehli raat ko to iss gaane ko lagaake head phone pe sunte sunte so gaya tha, puri raat bhar :D And jab utha, tab bhi jii nahin bhara and tabse sun raha hoon jab bhi mauka milta hai, sote jaagte.
    By God, Sonu Nigam kabhi kabhi jab gaataa hai, khaas karke esse slow romantic numbers, he brings a certain divinity to the songs.

  5. Oye hoye, tere jazbaat (:-D
    Hota hai hota hai (;-P

    Koi nai movie hai shayad ye Agneepath?? I don't get to know much abt the hindi movies here bt haan yeh to fact hai ki love songs keliye Sonu se better shayad hi koi ho.
    He is the ultimate

  6. Haan, there have been quite a number of talented singers coming up in the recent times but very few singers of the contemporary times will come close to singing as soulfully as Sonu Nigam does :)) Period.



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