Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Surreally blissed Saturday Night...

Everyone searches for sanctity in their own sources of comfort .. and I have found mine :)
Logging off my internet connection and switching off my lappy, as I lie here on this cot, on the terrace, in this beautiful night... I see this beautiful moon up there.. among thousands of stars. So far away, yet seeming so close. Creamy and white, so pure and innocent, so elegant, always glowing with life, shining ever so bright, all through the darkness, all through the night. Looking like a beautiful bride. Surely a sight of comfort. Like an inspiration, a cleanser of one's mind. Majestic. Truly a masterpiece of God.
I wonder how does the Moon do it all night, shining alone, with just the stars and the dark clouds as companions, in a black sky and never a complaint in heart?

I am about to ask the moon "Why are you smiling?"
As I keep on staring closely at it, I feel like the moon is saying something to me...
and as I try to listen intently, I hear her saying "Keep on shining..."

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