Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Resurrection...

There was a time when I felt I was stuck,
and the roads led to nowhere,
Dark and hazy... Clouds and shadows everywhere, seeming never to end
I wandered for far too long, not knowing what could lurk at the next bend!
Just wishing for that particular moment to come,
Longing to break free, to begin anew and start over wholesome...
A new Beginning....

And here I am... re-born again
I am new on the inside,
Outside will never change...
A stage of my life is over as I emerge from my cocoon,
My old life ended, and I will never go back there again...
I am a butterfly now & I know now how to fly,
Filled with luv for life & dreams of touching the sky...
This new beginning is the start,
To a better life... with a resurrected heart.

Happy Birthday to Me :-)

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