Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life as a Game...

Like in the game of Snakes and Ladders,
Sometimes we rise up and sometimes we fall,
Sometimes it's hard, but we can always stand tall...
Or like in the game of Chess,
Sometimes we move forward and sometimes we fumble,
But if we play smart, we will never stumble...

Like in the game of Cricket,
Sometimes it's easy and sometimes we are made to sweat,
but till the last ball is bowled, why should we fret?
Or like in the game of Soccer,
Sometimes we may be challenged and sometimes we may as well falter,
But if we play fair and with fervour, the situation we can surely alter...

Like any other game, in LIFE as well,
Sometimes we will lose and sometimes we will win,
Sometimes we will earn fame and sometimes not even a pin :-D
Sometimes it's like a riddle.... there will be twists and turns,
Taking Life as a game, we need to play it bearing a grin,
If we lose..., Picking up the pieces, we can always re-begin :-)

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