Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Live well, Laugh often and Love much...

Inhale the Blue
Katra katra milti hai, Katra katra jeene do,
Zindegi hai, Behne do
Pyaasa hoon main, Pyaasa rehne do

Live fully, Laugh along and Love...
The Journey, not the Destination

So much focused on the road and on our stride(s),
we remain, in pursuit of our dreams,
we miss out on enjoying the ride
A lifetime isn't as long as we may think...
It will whisk by before we can blink,

Dance off in life, to taste yet another miracle,
All joys are not found at the pinnacle...
Build memories with rain’s echoing footsteps,
Let every drop fall into the puddle,
to make our significant splash...
'Nothing' will keep morphing into 'something',
If all else fails, try yet again...

Inhale the blue and enjoy the ride...

Choti si kaahani se, Barisho ki paani se
Saare waade bhar gayi...
Na jaane kyon... dil bhar gayaa,
Na jaane kyon... ankh bhar gayi

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Freedom in Music

When the pieces of me choke,
I return back to my muse ~ Music
to silence the echos within...
Putting on my headphones, I fall into an abyss,
A little paradise of a world that is sweet bliss
where the music cascades over me like a waterfall,
nothing stops its embrace,
as if it whispers, silkily seducing,
and I surrender to the summoning!
Swaying smoothly in its breeze,
facing skyward, slowly swooning,
I let myself soar aloft into the new sky,
like floating feathers...
into an euphorically blissful state
Nothing holds me back.

All fatigue lifts,
Emotions get restored and revived,
My Soul gets soothed,
and I am refilled afresh to my soul's content...
Supreme satisfaction.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Will Paint It My Way...

A palette of colours,
A freshly-dipped paintbrush,
and a virgin white canvas...
My picture I will paint...

Yearning for a rainbow world,
My imagination is my canvas,
And emotions are my colours,
I will paint my world the way I want it to be,
forever gleaming and glistening...

If the bristles of my brush become worn and frayed,
I will dip my fingers into the multitude of colours
and will keep spreading colors unrestrained...
a medley of blue and cream and lush green,
yellow and crimson and also pink.
My palette will never be empty...

A new set of dreams to achieve,
My exuberance be my fuel...
My wings I have unfurled,
and now I will remain skybound...
I will paint it my way
And will create my own gallery.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

It was all for my Good...

I cried out to God in disdain, when my dreams were shattered
and my wishes weren't fulfilled
I questioned God's intention... His grand plans...
I never understood why God would let me feel such pain...
Why would He sit by
And let me cry again and again,
I could not comprehend His ways
Why was I to be in such torturous pain every day,
Tears flowing every night and yet
Why would He ignore my pleas...
I cried, God remained silent (so I thought)
I thought He had turned away His eyes,
as if He had forsaken me
but no...

Then I heard His answer "I have always been with you...
in your dark times and in your good,
My son, I always had a perfect plan for you
and she never was a part of it
So do not be grieved..."

And as days passed on, the clouds before my eyes started drifting away,
The haze cleared, the tumult died down and the limpid truth unfolded...
I finally realised that I wouldn't have been as happy as I am today, had my wish been granted...
God had actually saved me for life!
Now I realise God You are truly there,
You love me utterly and You really do care for me...
When God answers us with a 'NO', His 'NO' is not a 'REJECTION', but a 'REDIRECTION' to the best deserved answer...

Sometimes God upsets our plans,
to set up His own plans...
but God's plans are always perfect and infallible

What I was craving for was so very ephemeral...
It would have been a fatal mistake had my wish been granted
and I would have cried all my life...
I wasn't able to foresee that... but He was :))
When we start trusting His plans, we won't ever have to worry,
I trusted Him
And He granted me perpetual happiness...

He held my hand and I held onto His,
And now I am at peace :))

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Reclining on my cozy bean bag near the window with a warm cup of coffee and watching the tranquil downpour,
The first rains of the summer...
slaking Earth’s thirst and so also mine...
The pitter-patter of raindrops, as if knocking on my window asking me to come out...
The dripping window panes, little streams and drops of water,
one drop, two, many more follow down... each one set on a journey,
A calming sight...
Like an assuaging emollient to everyone, nature has reworked her magic.

The feel of the soft breeze and with it the earthy smell of fresh clean rain...
Sliding my hands out of the window, I try to count each raindrop that falls,
as the raindrops kiss and caress my parched skin with their cold soothing touch.
Humming at first, then breaking into a quiet song, I lift my face into the rain, feeling the joy of freedom....
opening my mouth to taste the rain, submitting myself to the solace of simplicity.
I wish to stand here by the window all evening till I could be soaked to the skin...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Is Life Really Unfair?

So often we ponder over "Why me?"
... as if we were being victimised by Life arbitrarily, unjustly.
Whether to ourselves or to others or to God, but how often have we not grumbled about Life being unreasonably unfair (particularly to us) saying -- "Why am I in this situation when others are in a better one?”

But in reality, each one of us gets his fair share of sunshine and so as the rain, in his life, depending upon his karmic deeds.
Different people define "Life" in different ways and each one of us is unique. Perhaps that's why, we all have different lessons to learn to grow.

"Some flowers grow best in the sun while others do well in the shade.
God always knows what is best for us ... so He plants us where we would grow best and accordingly gives us the situations to grow with...."

And that's how life goes... not always will it turn the way we would want it to. Some days will be better than the other ones.. and some won't be....
Not all the time will we rejoice... Sometimes we will be made to weep. That's how Life balances out.
Some times we will make mistakes, sometimes we will stumble, sometimes we will be taken by surprise, being knocked down hard when we would be least expecting it. Sometimes we will be hurt... sometimes we will be scarred. But that is perhaps God's way of letting us explore every corner of ourself, leaving no spot uncovered. So instead of comparing and complaining, if we start viewing the obstacles, the adversities in life as speed-breakers which were meant to save us from the bigger accidents ahead, our ride on the path of life (though mayn't become smooth enough thereafter, but) won't be that uncomfortable or won't seem that bumpy and rough.

An arrow can be shot only by pulling it back. So when life is dragging us back with adversities, it means that it is going to launch us to victory.
Accepting that everything happens for a reason and that I will never be finished, rather I will always be "a work-in-progress", I will henceforth never ask Life “Why me?... instead I will say “Try me”.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Solace in Redemption...

Talking to myself until I respond back,
the very soul that had seemed to have ebbed away...
Coming out of the dark haze,
I no more recede from the shore,
I no more succumb to others' influences,
I no more give in to others' wishes & persuasions,
I am no more trapped in any frozen prism,
I have now learnt my lessons,
I no more allow anyone use me,
I am no more chained emotionally, ... can no more be...
I am no more locked, I hold my key,
... and I respond back, to me.

While I open my eyes to a brand new beginning,
I am no more lost... I am found.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Surreally blissed Saturday Night...

Everyone searches for sanctity in their own sources of comfort .. and I have found mine :)
Logging off my internet connection and switching off my lappy, as I lie here on this cot, on the terrace, in this beautiful night... I see this beautiful moon up there.. among thousands of stars. So far away, yet seeming so close. Creamy and white, so pure and innocent, so elegant, always glowing with life, shining ever so bright, all through the darkness, all through the night. Looking like a beautiful bride. Surely a sight of comfort. Like an inspiration, a cleanser of one's mind. Majestic. Truly a masterpiece of God.
I wonder how does the Moon do it all night, shining alone, with just the stars and the dark clouds as companions, in a black sky and never a complaint in heart?

I am about to ask the moon "Why are you smiling?"
As I keep on staring closely at it, I feel like the moon is saying something to me...
and as I try to listen intently, I hear her saying "Keep on shining..."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moving on...

Some dates sometimes might make one feel like they are etched on memory... as if impossible to forget ... last year's 9th of July ~ the longest night of my life or 22nd of March or 18th of April ~ the day I entered community and my life was turned upside down from thereon.... but the priorities in life should be rightly placed. And I have now realised and have correctly chosen mine.
It's not easy to hide behind a laugh and act strong, to shut the doors on the memories that keep coming back, It's not easy not to think about the broken remnants...
but the past is never going to take me anywhere... and one day I will surely understand that whatever happened, happened for my good... time will surely make me realise that. Till then I just need to keep going on without looking back ever again.
"Leave them all behind... Learn to move on...", I keep reminding myself.
Some good memories we made, those that had made me really happy at those times.
But at the end of the day, I need to accept that God had never made you for me, He has chosen someone else for me whom He thinks better suited for me, than you would have been,and now I gleefully accept His plans.

I just need to have faith on Him and let Him unveil His choice at the appropriate time ...
Till then, I can happily go on and not stop, not look back but leap out into the abyssal plains out there in the world, waiting for me... with one hand in front and one hand behind...
Ages pass with movement.... I keep hoping so
and repeating to myself -- "Don't stress the could haves... b'coz if it should have, it would have. God can never be wrong." 

Happy Birthday anyway.. Live happily :-) as I continue flushing out the memories and moving on...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Resurrection...

There was a time when I felt I was stuck,
and the roads led to nowhere,
Dark and hazy... Clouds and shadows everywhere, seeming never to end
I wandered for far too long, not knowing what could lurk at the next bend!
Just wishing for that particular moment to come,
Longing to break free, to begin anew and start over wholesome...
A new Beginning....

And here I am... re-born again
I am new on the inside,
Outside will never change...
A stage of my life is over as I emerge from my cocoon,
My old life ended, and I will never go back there again...
I am a butterfly now & I know now how to fly,
Filled with luv for life & dreams of touching the sky...
This new beginning is the start,
To a better life... with a resurrected heart.

Happy Birthday to Me :-)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life (Another 100 ways of Living...)

Start. Smile. Feel. See. Think. Grow. Laugh. Share. Cheer. Help. Work. Focus. Aim. Prepare. Build. Complete. Dream. Fly. Wonder. Believe. Hope. Trust. Observe. Learn. Change. Try. Do. Organise. Progress. Achieve. Inspire. Teach. Choose. Liberate. Thank. Gift. Compose. Hum. Sing. Dance. Accept. Forgive. Forget. Reminisce. Clean. Heal. Assure. Encourage. Comfort. Invite. Admire. Honour. Touch. Hold. Aspire. Dare. Experiment. Fail. Recover. Stand. Adapt. Modify. Rise. Survive. Alleviate. Commit. Protect. Tolerate. Understand. Cherish. Value. Imagine. Control. Create. Open. Release. Relax. Party. Eat. Sleep. Walk. Run. Accelerate. Balance. Travel. Read. Write. Listen. Speak. Respect. Sacrifice. Pray. Surrender. Tickle. Hug. Love. Care. Live. Enjoy. Repeat.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Morning, Bhagwanji... :-)

Good Morning, Bhagwanji... I am ready for today :-)
I am willing and listening to what You have to say...
My mind is clear now and gone is the fog,
My eyes are open and I dedicate to You today and everyday...
I have clothed myself in Your righteousness,
My heart on my sleeve and smile on my face....
I am taking in knowledge You have given to me,
and am bowing before You before starting this new day...
You are my charioteer, please guide me all my lifelong,
Keep me under your wings and Don't ever let me do anything wrong


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